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Merchant Payment Systems

Merchant Payment Systems and Payment Processing from Regal Payment Systems

From mobile payments to All-in-One POS Systems, Regal Payment Systems provides merchants with the right payment systems and services to start processing payments quickly, easily, securely and affordably. Regal Payment Systems offers some of the most competitive rates in the business so you can keep your profits where they belong, in your pocket.

Start accepting credit cards, debit cards, checks, prepaid and EBT payments confidently and securely. With our reliable and secure networks you can rest assured that your payments will be processed continuously with the highest level of security. Regal Payment Systems can design and combine the right combination of payment systems and merchant services to fit your businesses needs, giving it everything that it needs and nothing that it doesn't.

Merchant Account Services

Merchant Account Services

Regal's merchant account services are designed to help you increase revenus and start accepting all forms of payment quickly and securlty.

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Payment Solutions

Payment Processing Systems

From mobile payment solutions to all-in-one Point of Sale systems Regal Payment Systems has the right payment processing solution for your business.

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Superior Customer Service and Support

Regal Payment Systems was built with the goal of providing its’ merchants with 100% customer satisfaction. Our executive team has over 20 years of experience collaborating together, providing superior merchant support and product development in the payment processing industry. We are here to walk you through any issues that may arise or answers any questions that you may have.

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Payment Processing 101

Credit Card Holder

1. The consumer selects a card for payment. The cardholder data is entered into the merchant’s payment system via swipe or key entry.

Acquirer or Payment Processor

2. The card data is sent to an acquirer or payment processor, whose job it is to route the data through the payment system for processing. If the transaction is entered into a website or is an e-commerce transaction a payment gateway provider may pass the payment information from the merchant's website to the acquirer.

Credit Card Brands

3. The payment processor sends the data to the payment brand (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card) who forwards it to the issuing bank.

Bank Processor

4. The issuing bank verifies that the card is legitimate, not reported lost or stolen, and that the account has enough funds or credit available to complete the transaction.


5. If everything checks out ok, the issuing bank generates an authorization number and routes the number back to the card brand. With the authorization, the issuing bank agrees to fund the purchase on the customers behalf.

Acquirer or Payment Processor

6. The card brand forwards the authorization code back to the acquirer or payment processor.

Merchant authorization code

7. The payment processor sends the authorization code back to the merchant.

Completed transaction

8. The merchant finishes the sale with the customer and the payment processing is complete.